My Mary Kay Journey

Timewise liquid foundation (luminious/matte)


The Timewise liquid foundation is so far the best liquid foundation that I had ever try. I’m not a make up person because I have a problematic skin (huhuuu….). But for me foundation is a must. They can prevent dirt and germ from go directly into your skin. I have tried a few brand but they were too oily, and they tend to clog my skin. How did I know my pore is clog? Because later on new pimple will definitely pop out,but better than not wearing anything. And my skin will be very shining. Haha…

And this is the first item that I tried, and the main reason I search for Mary Kay. Yes, nobody come and promote to me. I found out about this brand in 1 of the local magazine (which I cant remember) and it looks promising. So, I google about Mary Kay and found a beauty consultant near me (at that time I stay in bangi). She shows me all the product and let me try the products while she teaches the right technique to take care of my skin.

At first, yes, a lil bit reluctant, because I’m afraid she will ask me to buy all the product. I’m still a student at that time and i make it clear that I only want to try liquid foundation. Ehehe.. But at last, after trying the product my self, I end up buying 4 item.. Haha… Botanical cleanser, mask (so in love with the mask) , moisturizer, and yeah matte liquid foundation.

And since then, I still loyal to Mary Kay products.. (well have cheated a few time actually, tempted by the korean beauty brands, but didnt give a good result. So I have to turn back to my real love Mary Kay). Until 2017, I already use Mary Kay product like almost 6 years and never turn back.

And actually have been a Mary Kay independent beauty consultant for almost 5 years. I have tried them myself and I believe on the products. I really want to help any ladies out there who want to be beautiful again. Well, its  not that you are not beautiful, just that some ladies out there just keep the beautiful side of yours to yourself. We ladies care more about other people especially our children( family ) and ignore our needs. Women need to be beautiful, that is where the confident in you will shine.

And I am proud to call myself Mary Kay beauty consultant Syasha!!!



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